Godzilla Launch party

Stern Army launch party tournament for Godzilla pin.

Location: Hopeakuula Arcade [venue info]

Time: 27th of November 2021, starting at 13:00

Main tournament format: Frenzy qualification, top 8 in player-vs-player best out of 3 playoff, 4 player final on 3 Stern games with 3-2-1-0 scoring.

Side tournament format: Score based qualification on 8 games, top 8 in 4 player playoffs on 3 games with 3-2-1-0 scoring, 4 player final on 3 random games with 3-2-1-0 scoring.

Maximum players: 32, out of which 8 go into playoffs in main tournament.

Price: 15€, both tournaments included.

Signup starts: 1st of November, 18:00
Signup Ends: 25th of November, 23:00
Signup URL: https://apz.fi/r/godzilla